Monday, 23 March 2015

Divergent: the book vs the film

I've just watched Divergent, the film based on the book, and these are my conclusions:

#1: why do I keep on watching film adaptations of books if I know I'm not going to like them?

#2: I'm aware that adapting a book into a film is not easy. Scriptwriters have to get rid of minor characters or change certain things. I was ok with most of the changes in the film... Except for the last 40 minutes. What the heck was THAT? And where is Edward? And Marlene? Uriah? And why is Jeanine EVERYWHERE?

#3: I want to congratulate whoever did the casting for this film. Four is pretty much like the one described in the book except for the dark blue eyes. That's exactly how I imagined Marcus, Cristina & Al. But am I the only one who thinks the actors who play Eric & Peter where playing the wrong role, as if whoever gave them their scripts interchanged them?

Peter vs Eric


#5: Given the fact that Veronica Roth - the author of the books - is one of the producers of the film, I understand that all these changes have her blessing... Which only adds more confusion to my mind. Did I hear the word "money"?

#6: The guy who plays Caleb (Ansel Elgort) is cute. And yes, I know he's the same guy in The Fault in our Stars... which makes it all a bit weird... but hey! They're actors, right? (Same story with Miles Teller).

The fault in our stars vs Divergent vs The spectacular now

#7: So far we all were aware that James Dean somehow reincarnated in James Franco. But I'd dare to say someone is playing in a lab with their genes and created Theo James. 
JAMES Dean > JAMES Franco > Theo JAMES
I call it the JAMES GENE

#8: I've seen an Amity dressed in green!!!!! 

#9: I thought the phrase "the hem of his shirt" would appear at some point of the film given that in the books it appears an average of 638663429764 times. Also, I thought the emotional importance of Tris saying Four's real name would be present in the film... Taking into account that, in the books, he gets angry when she doesn't call him by his real name. Weird.

#10: A brake? Seriously? One of the things that makes Tris be completely sure that she likes being Dauntless... And it's replaced by a brake???? A BRAKE????

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