In this section I will publish my challenges.

The challenges can be reading a specific book, a saga, watch a film, a series... anything.

 You can participate of the challenges if you want, you can do it in any language you want. But, if you do participate of the challenge, I'd appreciate if you share your opinion.

You can also suggest new challenges for me, or share your own challenges.


Reading the 13 novels of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

See my progress and share yours here.


Watching the complete series of The X Files.

See my progress and share yours here.


  1. Great that you took up the blog again. :D:D

    That reminds me how I abandoned is mine :( the thing is that every now and then I think I should update it! But I literally have not time for that at the moment snif snif... I hope to have more time in summer or at the end of it. Fingers crossed. I keep reading, in fact, since I have to commute almost every day I have a lot of time to read. However, I don't have time to write about what I read...

    And there's nothing I'd rather do than read (even more) and write about the books I read :) At least, today I could update my Goodreads page and read/currently reading/to read list! yay :D

    So, this is a great challenge! I am not sure what you expect us to do... Accept to read this saga? Suggest another challenge? Here's my response:

    I will try to read the first book of the Lemony Snicket saga because I remember you talking about this book already in our uni times and I'm intrigued by it!

    However, I know how flighty I am and I'm not sure I can read all the books! Let's say I'll try the first one and then I'll decide if I continue or not :P

    The second part of my response:

    I've been trying to start a new saga myself and for the past few years and since I discovered how I love Neil Gaiman I already have the anser :D My own challenge will be to read his saga "The Sandman"! Let's see how far I get XD

    So happy to read you again, bonita!

    1. Thanks! You're always so supportive! I'm glad you accepted the challenge and I hope you like it. I must say though, it doesn't get really into the matter till a few novels further on, but you do whatever you want and I hope you share your thoughts.
      I'm happy to be back!!